Volunteer Nicaragua Program

Volunteer Nicaragua. Volunteering allows you to be more than just a tourist; you get to immerse in a new culture and have the chance to help others while experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.
Imagining you making a difference in other people’s lives is so much rewarding. You have the chance to help those who are really in need and become a member of their community even for a span of time.
Please consider reading this important information before selecting your volunteer Nicaragua program:
Studying abroad is a serious decision to make, and we believe Your Study Abroad Dream only takes a Good Plan. It will surely take time, effort and resources, of course. 
Upgrading Curriculum: Necessity for International Experience. On the other hand,goals of schools should not only focus on nurturing and educating students but on prepare them to be globally competitive by means of One consideration is to add international experience to education curriculum
People volunteer for a variety of reasons, but the essence is to help others. Get Involved! Go abroad and be a volunteer in Nicaragua There’s nothing quite like volunteering as a way to experience a culture beyond its attractions and sights.
Being a volunteer must be a decision that comes from the heart. On Choosing your Destination to volunteer abroad, Be sure you agree with the rules and regulation of your chosen program. For instance, a working knowledge of Spanish is very useful – starting off with 1-3 weeks or more of intensive Spanish tuition is a good way to acclimatize and prepare for voluntary work in Nicaragua.
International Education over Economic Meltdown. Considering today’s global economic instability, education will surely be affected. Although, you may find it the road very stiff because of so many hindrances, still these difficulties must be the fuel to sustain your desire to study abroad. Furthermore, learning a new language is more exciting because of the interaction with local people.  Granada Nicaragua volunteers are provided with 10-hour per week program of Spanish lessons for free. To be learning Spanish in Granada Nicaragua, you have chosen a great program.


Spanish School in San Juan del Sur
We offer two options of home-stay:
with a local family or in the school, in where you will have the same benefits like 3 meals per day, a private room with bath and live with the director's family.

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Spanish Lesson in Leon

The school's afternoon activities in and around Leon include visits to markets, museums, historical sites, making contact with local people, culturally oriented mini-cursos, exploratory hikes and day trips to nearby beaches, and much more.

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Spanish Immersion Tour of Nicaragua

Learning Spanish abroad throughout Nicaragua, it is one of the new language immersion programs you should definitely try! It is fun, and it is a good combination of tourism and language learning.

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