When visit the beautiful Nicaraguan city which is located in Ometepe, you will absorb yourself in a program of progressive learning which will be the sum of all the experience while in Ometepe. The “Ometepe Spanish Language School” disputes you to do more than merely take the Spanish lessons. You will notice yourself that you are learning your Spanish lessons while you live. At “Ometepe Spanish Language School”, we include opportunities to learn Spanish in every experience you come across, whether it's staying with a family as you learn, or it can be even interacting with the merchants at a local market. We will promise you that you'll surely enjoy this experience of a lifetime as you live, walk and play in the middle of an open and engaging city. This city (Ometepe) is known as a modern progressive city which is simultaneously mindful of its revolutionary heritage and history.

When you sign up with us as our student, you will get the benefit of using our excursion, lodging and transportation services for a full twelve month during your stay without an additional registration fee. The weekly immersion program which we offer with host family home stay is an interesting learning opportunity. We begin by determining your interests and assessing your skills. The process of this instruction is conducted as an on - going dialog between student and teacher, and also this is a challenging one for our student – our all Spanish speaking program is a part of the immersion process. We also make sure the quality of the instruction by placing limits on the class size. We make sure that, there should be no more than two students in the same level, or more than three students in group setting.

Its not just a formal instructions based course like Rocket Spanish or other online Spanish courses rather your Spanish lessons will extend to a large range of experiences. You can find the bustling community of progressive - thinking people who keen to assist you and your learning in Ometepe City. This city is only a thirty minute bus ride from the coastal area, where you will enjoy beautiful rivers, lakes and thrilling volcanic mountains – all in a rustic setting steeped in the Latin American history. As you interact with the locals of Ometepe, you will find that your learning will be accelerated incrementally. When you interact with the locals, you not only enhance your Spanish lessons, you will also get an opportunity to build a remarkable and moving friendship along the way.

Your knowledge in Spanish will get deeper and improved by the opportunities for volunteering which you get from the school. These are the opportunities that will give you a real - world access and approach into Nicaragua's history and politics. You can even learn interesting cultural differences that extend not only to the differences between United States and the Latin Americans, but also to the slight nuances of the gender. This will be an opportunity for learning the landmarks and experiencing the life-changes that goes far beyond taking the Spanish lessons. At “Ometepe Spanish Language School”, you will learn to communicate and write in ways which can’t be duplicated in a typical classroom setting from a textbook. You will have your soul stirred and your imagination fueled by the experiences which you will face while you learn.

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