How To Reach Ometepe!

The Adventure Begins


Ten minutes from the city of Rivas is the quiet town San Jorge, found on the coast of the Great Lake of Nicaragua. Its port is the point of arrival and departure for several boats that provide transport service. This is the main point of access to Ometepe Island.

Around the port at San Jorge, you can savor excellent foods prepared in restaurants facing the beach while enjoying the panoramic view of Ometepe Island on the horizon.

Private Vehicle

Reaching Ometepe is easy because there is an excellent paved highway to city of Rivas to San Jorge. If traveling in a private vehicle from Managua, take the Pan-American Highway south to Rivas traffic circle / crossroads, and then turn north toward the port at San Jorge to embark for Moyogalpa, a municipality on the island. If traveling from Peñas Blancas, continue north on the highway to the same crossroad in Rivas.

Interurban Bus

In Managua, the terminal bus for Rivas is found in Huembes Market in the eastern sector of the city. Bus fare ranges between C$ 40.00 and C$ 50.00 (USD$3.00 and USD$4.00), depending on the service level desired (regular or express). The schedule for buses traveling the with departure ever half hour from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Another option is to take the buses traveling to the border at Peñas Blancas and tell the bus driver or assistant that you would like to get off in the city of Rivas to connect with the port at San Jorge.

By Water

Administered by the National Port Management Company, the port at San Jorge has pier and morning for small- and medium-sized vessels, a warehouse and two large parking areas (one covered and the other open) with 24-hours security and surveillance, where you can park your vehicle during your visit to the island.
Two types of vessels moor to the pies: vessels exclusively for commercial cargo and dual purpose vessels carrying cargo and passenger. Small vessels such as the REINA del SUR and KAREN MARIA provide services for passengers, cargo and small vehicle (such as motorcycle and ATVs), whereas medium vessels such as ferries 1 and 2 the ESTRELLA del SUR offer cargo for cars and trucks; differentiated services on three separate decks, with air-conditioning, reclining seats and bathrooms.
Fares range between C$40.00 and C$60.00 (USD$2.50 and USD$3.50) per person, depending on the class of service selected.
If you love adventure and want to drive on the island, you may board your vehicle on the medium-sized vessels for C$365.00 (USD$20.00).

To do so, upon arrival at the port you must ask the dispatcher to notify the captain about your intent to board your vehicle. However, it is difficult to find space during heavy tourist seasons and harvest times. We recommend that you make reservations in advance by calling 278 8190/80 or sending an email to

From the city of Granada.

Another option for reaching the island of Ometepe is via the city of Granada. A Boat leaves from the municipal pier of Granada (north of the city along the lakefront or malecón) on Mondays and Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. , arriving at the Puerto de Gracias pier in the municipality of Altagracia at 6:00 p.m.