The Dream of the Spanish Students

Ometepe Spanish Language School provides a truly special opportunity to the Spanish Students – the chance to live what they learn in a wonderful setting. At Ometepe Spanish Language School you will learn, study, eat and play with your teachers and fellow students. That's because when you select Ometepe Spanish Language School and turn out to be one of our Spanish students, you will enter an electrifying world – one of total Spanish instruction and comprehensive immersion into the traditions. You ll receive an extremely individualized instruction from your educator, but you will also augment that learning in daily settings which will strengthen the knowledge you are acquiring. Ometepe Spanish Language School trust in overall immersion learning that means their system of conversational all-Spanish teaching gives Spanish students the real-world tools they want to do extremely well. Your capability to express yourself with power will progress gradually, and from skill to knowledge. Our instructors know the challenges of transitioning into a total Spanish-speaking culture and environment, and will help you every step of the way. Our Spanish students tell us they have never had a more outstanding learning atmosphere.

Your class environment is at once challenging and casual. Unlike online Spanish lessons, the course itself is flexible because it is personalized to the individual student's requirements. As a Spanish student at Ometepe Spanish Language School, you will get instruction based on your existing talents and on what your aims are. Grammar and basics of listening comprehension are of lessons part of the learning, as is writing style and vocabulary.  And you will utilize what you are learning in every method that you can think of – whether it's farming cooperatives or touring museums, or whether you are just having a coffee or tea at the local coffee shop or café. And it is not all formal learning at the Ometepe Spanish Language School.  Spanish lessons aside, you will find challenging opportunities to study Spanish with each activity in which you participate in. And you will find yourself moved at the possibility for volunteering in the society.  There are chances to fit every interest for our Spanish students, including child care and health, environmental and agricultural, and more – and all of these opportunities will bring rewards which will augment you for a lifetime.

When you prefer to stay with a host family, you are boarding on an exclusive adventure. Our host’s families are usually middle-class, very much involved with the school, and are qualified hosts. There are standards of security and cleanliness that should be met by every host family. Beautiful tiled floors and indoor plumbing are also an advantage of our host residences. And you will have your own personal room that you can lock for privacy and security.  A lot of our students feel so much a part of their host families they often leave their rooms unlocked. Ometepe Spanish Language School is one of the Nicaragua's most- esteemed schools and you will profit from their instruction. You will benefit from the social activities and you will involve yourself in the culture the city has to provide. And each step of the way, you will find yourself increasing a growing respect for this amazing city and its people.

Nicaragua Tours

Spanish School in San Juan del Sur
We offer two options of home-stay:
with a local family or in the school, in where you will have the same benefits like 3 meals per day, a private room with bath and live with the director's family.

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Spanish Lesson in Leon

The school's afternoon activities in and around Leon include visits to markets, museums, historical sites, making contact with local people, culturally oriented mini-cursos, exploratory hikes and day trips to nearby beaches, and much more.

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Spanish Immersion Tour of Nicaragua

Learning Spanish abroad throughout Nicaragua, it is one of the new language immersion programs you should definitely try! It is fun, and it is a good combination of tourism and language learning.

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