At Ometepe Spanish Language School, you can learn Spanish through different methods

To get mastery in the language of Spanish is considered to be in your grasp, when you are in Ometepe Spanish Language School. Here you will not just learn the Spanish language; you will even get to live it. Your classroom in Ometepe Spanish Language School is just a crucial element for your learning. Whilst there, you would submerge yourself in the city has outstanding beauty and is a country of amazing historical importance. Ometepe, Nicaragua is a very old city of radiance. It is situated next to the attractive beaches on Pacific coast of the Nicaragua, Ometepe is considered as the 2nd old colonial city among all the other Latin America.  

Every student at Ometepe Spanish Language School would experience an hasten platform for studying curriculum is completely Spanish speaking along with original hands – on studying opportunities as well as personal instruction. Each instructor deals with 1 or 2 students and not even one group has more than 3 or 4 persons. Every student is provided with all the materials that are required for this course, additionally they are given access to wireless internet and personal mobile phone.

There are more things that you could add to your experience than just a classroom one, as in you can participate in competitive voluntary opportunities which are tailored in order to match your interest. If you’re like to work and spend time with kids or have a desire to help in constructing schools or are concerned about the local beaches, in short there are lots of activities in which you could make use of what you have learnt. You will get to experience more things than just learning. You will be satisfied as even you could lend your hand in making the world a better place.

Ometepe Spanish Language School provides you with an opportunity to learn any level of Spanish. At Ometepe Spanish Language School, you could –

  • For just six hundred and ninety dollars, you get to spend 2 weeks in the Ometepe learning Spanish.
  • You would be given 4 hours of instruction regarding language and addition to this, 2 hours of enthralling cultural activities.
  • Family house stay including all the meals and class materials are provided, even personal mobile phone and transportation are availed.
  • Extra individual training is also given for ten dollars per hour.

 When you are opting for a 2 week course then you’re immersing in a significant surrounding and here each encounter is an opportunity to take you education to a higher level. Ometepe Spanish Language School thrusts in all these significant chance for learning the Spanish language, as it gives you an opportunity to utilise your skills regarding Spanish language to interact and develop a friendship with inhabitant and get involved in the local culture and customs. These experiences are considered to be crucial elements for curriculum of the learning Spanish, however it doesn’t end here. You will also be given chance to take part in voluntary programs which will provide you a good experience to give health care, teach or even construct a school. In other words you will get the opportunity to serve the wonderful community by helping locals in environmentally significant activities like maintaining beach and planting trees. During this process, you will construct the foundation of cultural which would spectacularly shape your view regarding the world.

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